JVG TECHS is known in the cellular business since 2015 as the best platform to buy wholesale. It is a remarkable company that retailers, distributors, repair shops and many more can buy new and used cell phones at wholesale price. Over the years, we have built a great reputation with our clients.It is important to keep constant stock of used iPhones, Samsung, and other Androids. Having that as an option to buy, will make a substantial difference in your business. We differentiate ourselves to give our clients transparency and coherence. When you buy from us you know what you are getting regardless of the stock you select.


We know that each discount cell phone merchant, retailer and repair shop depends on steady supple. That’s why we have planned two distinctive stocks streams to guarantee that we continuously have the stock you would like.

  • Sourcing

    We source new and used cellphones straightforwardly from carrier trade-in programs, huge box retailers, and manufacturers. The blend of stock we buy reflects not as it were later shopper trade-in patterns, but the showcase request communicated by our multiple client base.

  • Testing and Grading

    All individual information is destroyed by accepting the R2 measurements, after which all devices are tested for functionality. After testing, all devices are cleaned, externally checked, and evaluated against our rigid restorative evaluation criteria. Quality measures (more closely examined by our testing and evaluation standards) Devices deemed unsuitable for resale are reused reliably and in accordance with R2 measures for information annihilation and natural stewardship. Examined further around our Natural Safety and Wellness agreement


Our buying process is very simple. Our customers have real-time access to our stock list via our website not missing that we have a great team of sales reps that will be glad to help our clients.




Finding Inventory


Getting the right Price


Payment & Shipping



  • Onboarding

    Depending on your location, we may require tax exemption documentation. If you are internationally, this won’t be required.

  • Looking for Inventory

    After we get all the information needed, you will have access to our real time, Online Store with accurate Stock list of our products and can quickly get estimates for the devices you need. For refurbishers that are looking for PGL devices, you can inquire about or Auctions. Devices hosed in our office, in Miami FL

  • Getting the right price

    You can lock the quantity you need at any time by buying from our List Price. If you see the price to high, don’t stress! You’ll be able to make an offer on any item you see in our stock list. We audit these offers occasionally and you may be informed by means of e-mail wether we have acknowledge or rejected your offer

  • Payment & Shipping

    Wether you are a retailer or wholesale cell phone distributor, shipping speed is basic. Devices are shiopped within 24 hours of payment received. We accept payments Credit Card, Pay-pal, Wire Transfer, Cash, Etc.

  • Returns

    We accept returns only for manufacturing defects, not for user damage.



Offereing utilized iPhones is less risky than other brands since these handsets can hold their value the longest. Apple is still seen as the premium brand all over the world. The key to benefitting from the iPhone’s unwavering quality and shopper request is having the proper supplier. Wholesalers and retailers looking to purchase iPhones in bulk can confront numerous challenges, particularly when it comes to finding a solid discount iPhone provider. that’s why JVG is committed to taking the mystery out of buying iPhones discount. We make it simple for our clients to discover and purchase utilized iPhones in bulk quickly and effortlessly at whatever point they got to recharge their stock.

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The Used Wholesale iphones We Offer
iPhone 11 pro
iPhone 11
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7
iphone 12
iphone 12 mini
iphone 12 pro max

Whereas most iPhone discount providers have restricted stock, JVG Techs hascollaborated with the biggest providers within the industry to guarantee that you simply can discover the handsets your clients want. We understand that our wholesale and retail clients frequently have exceptionally particular, time-sensitive stock needs. That’s why we carry an expansive determination of utilized Apple devices counting more up to date devices highlighting the latest advances, additionally the dependable, less unstable models just like iPhone 6S. In all cases, we are completely straightforward around our testing and reviewing strategies.

Affiliates around the world believe JVG.com since we make it consistent and risk free to purchase iPhones in bulk. We understand to the one of a king challenges that retailers and wholesalers confront, counting the require for steady and exact testing and grading. Finding iPhone discount costs on our Online Stock List takes seconds. After making an account, clients can see our Online Stock List to see what’s accessible and at what price. you can either purchase at our list cost to secure unused stock rapidly or make an offer on any SKU to guarantee the cost you would like. On the off chance that we don’t have a specific show, it’s simple to set an alert so simply get an e-mail as before long as the stock you would like arrives.


JVG Techs makes the method of buying utilized iPhones in bulk basic, fast, and hassle- free. At whatever point you would like to purchase iPhones in bulk, we have reliable stock that’s upgraded regularly and continuously precisely evaluated, competitively estimated, and prepared to dispatch. Our unwavering quality is why our clients select JVGtechs.com over conventional iPhone discount providers.